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I’ve been writing VIs for a long time as a member of the LabVIEW R&D team at National Instruments. During my first week of LabVIEW training many years ago, I decided to write a LabVIEW version of my favorite card game, called “Set.” It took me a while, but I eventually finished it, and it was probably some of the ugliest LabVIEW code you have ever seen. As Peter Blume would say, my code was THE definition of “spaghetti.” Worse yet, the front panel was full of neon-colored controls and indicators that were blindingly bright for no good reason. My code was functional, but it was not at all useable, and certainly not maintainable. I tried to add some new functionality a few years ago (after I was much more familiar with LabVIEW programming), but I quickly gave up because I had no idea how my own code worked.

我是一名NI LabVIEW R&D的会员,有多年VI编程经验。多年前,在我仅仅参加LabVIEW培训的第一周,便着手准备用LabVIEW开发一个我非常喜欢的卡片游戏:“SET”。我耗费九牛二虎之力,最终把它完成,他绝对可以堪称是你见过最丑的LabVIEW代码。正如 Peter Blume所说,我的程序代码看起来犹如一碗“意大利面条”。更让我难堪的是:前面板输入或显示控件被我随意涂的色彩斑斓,让人晕眩!我的这个“作品”的确能实现所要求的基本功能,但这根本没用,他们毫无可维护性。多年以后(我对LabVIEW已经很精通了)我试着在上边扩展一些新的功能,但我立马放弃,因为我无法理清这些代码是怎样执行的。

Many years later, I can comfortably say that my programming style has improved leaps and bounds over those initial months with LabVIEW. However, I can also say without a doubt that my growing pains regarding LabVIEW programming style would have been all but eliminated had The LabVIEW Style Book been around back then. This book is a fully comprehensive resource, covering every aspect of VI style, from the highest level (project planning and organization) to the smallest detail (wires with too many bends). If I had read this book while I was learning LabVIEW, my code would have been many times more useable and maintainable from the start. The LabVIEW Style Book is a must-read for every LabVIEW developer. Not only does it contain essential style rules for any new LabVIEW developer, it is also a necessary refresher for seasoned LabVIEW veterans.

多年之后,可以毫不夸张地说:与最初几个月相比,我的LabVIEW编程风格已有了质的飞跃!尽管这样,我可以毫无疑问地说,最初学习LabVIEW的痛苦几乎全是有关编程风格的问题,当这种痛苦消逝以后,The LabVIEW Style Book出现了!这本书综合性较强,内容讲述有关LabVIEW的编程风格的方方面面,从最顶层(项目组织与规划)到最底层的细节(错综复杂的布线)。假设从我接触LabVIEW开始便能遇到这本书,那么自始自终我的LabVIEW代码可用性与可维护性将会增加千百倍,The LabVIEW Style Book是学习LabVIEW软件开发开发的必读之书。它不仅为LabVIEW新手讲述了很多基本的编程风格准则,还为LabVIEW专家级人物补充很多新的知识!




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